Tudor Trail™

A great gift for Tudor lovers, board gamers (especially solo board gamers), and collectors! If you love rolling dice then this game will definitely suit you!

In the game you follow the timeline from the reign of King Henry VII to Queen Elizabeth I using the dice to attempt to stop rebellions, destroy the Spanish armada, and keep your closest rivals from the English throne.

The box includes a 50 sheet game pad, 8 dice and a ballpoint pen. It also includes the rules, examples of how to play and an educational fact sheet on the Tudor Kings and Queens!

Tudor Trail uses and develops logic skills as well as reading, basic sorting and simple maths. It's recommended for adults and children aged 8 and over. Some children, especially younger children, might just need a bit of help. There are small parts (dice) making it unsuitable for very young children.

Each game takes approximately 20-30 minutes to play. Each player uses their own sheet and their own rolls. It can be enjoyed entirely solo.

Use the box as a playing tray allowing play during travel or on the lap!

Tudor Trail was originally designed for my niece's birthday (Happy 9th birthday Ayla! 🥳) and is hand assembled.

How to play

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Copyright Notice

The game (including all the supporting files, rules and images) is copyright Kazatan Games Ltd. The images of the Tudor monarchs and Henry VIII’s wives are public domain images from Wikimedia Commons. Some icons and shapes are CC BY 3.0 from https://game-icons.net (a useful icon/clipart resource).